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Green Geometric Shapes

About Dawn & Chloe

Hi, my name is Dawn Warner!  As a hyper, quirky and creative soul at heart, I am constantly crocheting, painting, drawing, or creating something as a means to express myself and to release all the energy I’ve got bottled up.  I’ve always loved pretty paper and I’ve definitely always been sassy, so why not put that sass to work. 
Throughout my life, I’ve always found different ways to express myself artistically and it always would bring great joy to personally create a gift or card designed for my family and friends. There’s nothing like the anticipation of getting a snort, a giggle, an outburst, or just a huge hug when it comes to giving and watching a loved one open a present or card that you’ve put a lot of thought, care and love into!  My husband, Matt saw the joy in my heart and tears of laughter in the eyes of those who would receive one of my quirky and somewhat sarcastic gifts and how it made someone's day even better once they open and reopen again and again and again.  He urged me to pursue a dream of mine to start a personalized gift & greeting card business. 
BUT….. we got a puppy!   Meet Chloe!  She is our Toy Poodle who was born September 6, 2022.  She loves saving money while giving a great gift or card and pretty paper as much as I do and has been known to tear up a few good pieces of card stock.  She's finally getting with the program and potty trained and now I can focus more on being creative.   Now we're ready to share our quirky and sassy designs with you.

Dawn Warner and Chloe of Yo! Chlo Chlo
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